Plan Sponsors

Pinnacle Financial Services (Pinnacle) is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) focused exclusively on qualified employer-sponsored retirement plans. At Pinnacle, we don’t assume you know everything about retirement plans and we don’t expect you to! You can rest assured that our experts will guide you through all aspects of your plan setup and on-going operation to ensure your plan operates smooth and you and your employees get the most from your retirement plan. From plan design, implementation, payroll and census submission, to compliance testing and annual IRS Form 5500 filing, we get all the details right. We will never leave you with an unknown liability.

Qualified employer‐sponsored retirement plans are very complex and difficult to understand for most anyone. This is why we ONLY work on these types of plans – to make your work life simpler. We don’t do recordkeeping or investment trading, administer health and welfare plans, or sell insurance like many other TPAs. We focus on what we do and we do it well!

Our job is not only to do our work well, but to make sure you are comfortable with your role and responsibility. We will make sure you know what your responsibilities are and we will show you how you can easily meet them with our guidance.
Not only do we develop the right plan design for your business and keep it current, but we will work with the other service providers of your choosing. We will work your investment advisor, your CPA, your attorney, your staff, and whoever else you wish. This allows Pinnacle to be an extension of your company.
We partner with you by:

Shouldering the administrative workload for you.

Working in the best interests of you and your employees.

Helping you with audits, administrative issues, testing, and annual IRS and DOL filing requirements.

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