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over 26,000 participants
30 years administering 401k plans
Over 50 Plan administrators, assistants, and data processors
Over 2,000 plans

Your Satisfaction drives us. Not the other way around.

The right team can navigate investment goals to reach any apex. We are here to assist our clients and make wealth management more accessible. From participant services to payroll guidance, Pinnacle Financial Services (Pinnacle) serves its clients in all endeavors. Learn more about our history to see how we have been educating and helping our clients for more than 30 years.

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We want to make sure that your plan setup happens
on schedule and is problem free.


We provide detailed explanations of our Participant Loan
and Participant Distribution processes.


One of our key goals is to make sure the data
used for your plan is absolutely accurate.

Our company’s unique services are supported by the knowledge, experience, and ability of our staff


Pinnacle recognizes each client’s unique needs. Established in 1984, Pinnacle is committed to providing the highest quality in retirement plan recordkeeping. Focusing on your needs, we support your success by providing administrative, recordkeeping and consulting services necessary to enhance the benefits provided to your clients, employees, and members.

Over 30 years of commitment to administering 401(k) plans.

We provide full-scale administration including data validation and transactional reconciliation throughout the year which supports your financial accuracy, security, and satisfaction.