Payroll Process

Pinnacle’s Secure File Upload Process

A cornerstone of our administration service is processing your payroll and employee contributions with absolute precision. Since this data is key to many transaction processes, it’s critical that – together – we get it right. We’ve gone the extra mile here to explain how this process works.

Important Payroll Reminders

ACH debit is the most efficient method to ensure timely deposits.

From the initiation of the ACH debit, the participant will see the funds deposited within 1-3 business days. The client will see the funds withdrawn within 1-3 business days, contingent on the investment company.

All employees with a paycheck must be included on every file submitted.

The deferral rate change report and loan monitoring report must be retrieved from the Investment Company website prior to payroll processing.

All chronological census dates need to be included; i.e. date of hire, termination, rehire.

Hours must be included for all employees including those on salary.

All files need to be complete and accurate before submission. The reprocessing of inaccurate data will result in additional billing.

To follow DOL guidelines for timely remittance of payroll, please make sure that files are submitted for each pay check date on or as close to the actual paycheck date as possible.

Please be sure to review all Discrepancy Reports provided by us for each payroll.

We cannot process contribution files during the blackout if triple mapping is your chosen conversion method. However, we can still process the files on our end.